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at the speed of business

Experience the ease, transparency, and rapid results with transformation-as-a-service.

What We Do

Premier provider of transformation and innovation-as-a-service.

Transformation solutions for your team, your technology, your operations, and culture. 

On-demand triage, transformation & innovation services at a fixed monthly subscription.



  • Business in crisis mode?

  • No time to innovate from constantly putting out fires?

  • Quickly stabilize your operations while building lasting foundation around people, process and technology.

  • Use our Business Triage Model for immediate relief.



  • Team not hitting SLAs?

  • Performance gaps or consistencies?

  • Turn an inconsistent business function to a high performing team with our Business Maturity Model. 



  • Need to transform your strategy, culture, org structure, operations, technology or user experience?

  • Culture slowing you down?

  • Internal or external conditions requiring big changes?

  • Fast cycle time transition your organization from current state to desired future state.



  • Need to reimagine an employee or customer experience?

  • Can new technology such as AI, automation, & robotics accelerate your business strategy? 

  • Exponentially improve a component of your business through design thinking, process redesign, and technology evaluation.


Outside In-novation Advantages

Fast Cycle Time

Start with a 3-month engagement & scope to ensure focus & results. 


Efficient Methodology

Cut-to-the-chase efficient methodology to hit the ground running while leveraging Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile. Transformation work includes embedded Change Management support throughout.


Ease of Engagement

Book services instantly & make recurring payments online.


Fixed Monthly Fee

Fixed monthly fee so no lengthy contract or negotiation phase.  Cancel any time.



Fresh, experienced outside-in perspective. "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein



Evaluate technology solutions outside your firewall and without IT support.


Risk Free Results

Cancel any time.  


Discovery Call
1 hr
ike kwon.jpeg

Ike Kwon,

Chief Operating Officer

California Academy of Sciences

Kim is a turnaround artist without peer. Kim was hired as a consultant...We decided we couldn't live without her and asked her to stay on and join our leadership team. Her role continued to expand as she kept devising resourceful and clever solutions to our big problems. Kim's non-traditional problem solving abilities is fueled by her unbridled optimism and creativity..She helps teams affect change by altering the way they approach multi-faceted challenges. Kim is highly self-disciplined and knows how to create fast moving structures that move at the speed of business.

devon valencia.jpeg

Devon Valencia,
CIO, CareSource
(Formerly VP, Enterprise Program Delivery

Blue Shield of California)

Kim is a creative, collaborative and pragmatic leader of transformation. I had the pleasure of working with Kim at Blue Shield where she led the transformation of the HR operations, including leading the transition of HR systems to a new cloud platform. Kim understood that great leadership requires bringing cross-functional teams together to be creative and equipping and inspiring her people to achieve great things. She created an honest, open and safe environment where her people and peers could be themselves and where their opinions matter. Her openness, creativity, critical thinking, coupled with her authentic leadership abilities make Kim a great asset to any organization.

Tim Dick.jpg

Tim Dick

General Partner,

Startup Capital Ventures

I have known Kim Le for twelve years personally and professionally. She is one of the best executives I know. She not only has a strong skill set in organizational strategy and transformation, she also has the ability to drive and influence change. She is a good team builder and mindful of leading people through transitions. I give my highest and unreserved recommendation.

What People say

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