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Co-creating the Employee Onboarding Experience

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Design Thinking for Onboarding

New hires coming onboard were peppered by various departments from HR, IT, Training and their home team to complete onboarding requirements. This created an inconsistent and non-seamless process, resulting in some frustration and loss of productivity during a critical first impression of a company.

Created a cross-functional team to baseline and reimagine the onboarding experience. Hosted a 2-day Design Thinking session offsite and ultimately produced a prototype of a seamless onboarding experience. Launched Phase 2 with work-streams to implement various aspects of the new experience design.

Portions of the new onboarding experience were piloted on a group of 1,000 employees from an acquisition. This included an Onboarding Concierge for personalized touch, the deployment of DocuSign for a modern, paperless experience, and a Manager's Playbook for consistency across all departments. Backed by the CHRO, the remaining scope of the Onboarding Redesign Experience went into the queue of enterprise initiatives for prioritization.


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