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Introduced WalkMe, Just-in-time Transaction-based Training

Walk this way, Blue Shield, with WalkMe

Implementing any new major system can be disruptive and frustrating to end users trying to learn the new procedures. During the Oracle Human Capital Management deployment, every new transaction will be different and new to the HR staff, all line managers and employees for self-service. Rather than taking the entire organizations through passive classroom or online training, WalkMe was introduced to provide a modern, just-in-time training to support transactions as needed. WalkMe is a customizable training layer that sits on top of any html application, guiding the user step-by-step through completion.

Results: Less user frustration, greater system adoption, less calls to Tech Support, less delays in transactions and processing time, less productivity loss from sitting through passive classroom training, less training cost to produce static classroom materials, training materials can be easily updated with systems upgrades, and so on. Win/win/win!


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