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Triaging the Re-opening of the California Academy of Sciences

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

From Chaos to Calm:

When the California Academy of Sciences reopened in a $485MM Renzo Piano designed, double Platinum LEED rated, building, thousands of people waited in line to buy a ticket every day.

The ticketing system implementation was problematic causing poor visitor and member experiences as well as back-office operations.

Hired as a consultant to untangle what seemed hopelessly tangled. Lead a cross-functional team while performing triage on our seemingly stillborn point-of-sale system. Worked tirelessly with the POS vendor, pushing them hard to fix their product while also securing significant rebates from them.

Triaged the ticketing systems to achieve stability within a few months. Instilled greater foundation from training to additional staffing, as well as improved processes and collaboration. Ensure program sustainability with SLAs and steering committee for oversight.


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