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Our approach

"Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
- Lao Tzu

With Outside In-novation, a transformation cycle can start with 3 months. 

The compressed time frame forces prioritization and focus.

With Purpose, Passion and Persistence, we help you achieve your business outcome, one cycle at a time.


Discovery Day Bingo

Discovery Day is one way we start our transformation projects.  The goals are:

  1. Have Fun!

  2. Play Discovery Day Bingo to deep dive into your transformation efforts.  

  3. Be outdoor if possible.  You are working with Outside In-novation!  

Discovery Day Bingo.001.jpeg
Forest Hike
Team Talk
Woman Laying in Field
Reaching Out to the Sun
Sitting on Balcony
Marketing team meeting
Man overlooking water

Conditions for Success

Transformation-as-a-service is not for every organization.  There are conditions that will make the engagement successful.


Purpose & Readiness

Must have a problem statement and a readiness for change.


Leadership Support

Must have an executive sponsor or business leader ready to endorse and support the transformation.



Must have a transformation owner to actively participate in the project activities.

Ready for your first step?

Discovery Call
1 hr
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